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Hot melt glue stick mixer

Hot melt glue stick mixer
Code : 04
Type : Extruding Hot Melt Adhesive Stick Production Line
Material : Stainless steel
Brand : hongxing


This production line produces various typeshot melt adhesive sticks. Adhesive sticks can be used to crafts, electricequipments, clothing, toys etc. Hot melt adhesive stick production line is anew process developed by our company, which does not need the reactor. It notonly reduces the cost of equipments, but also improves product quality. It canachieve continuous processing. It overcomes the shortcomings of reactor andpoor transparency of product. This production line can save energy up to50%.Using reactive extrusion to produce hot melt adhesive stick is the mostadvanced technology in the domestic market. The main screw is designedspecifically, so it has excellent mixing performance. The end product has asmoothing surface, high transparency and uniform specifications.