Product Detail
The attachment mixer of hot melt glue stick
The attachment mixer of hot melt glue stick
Code : 04
Material : Stainless steel
Brand : hongxing


This productionline produces various types of hot melt adhesive sticks. The hot melt adhesivesticks can be used to stick the arts and crafts, electrical equipments, clothes,toys etc. The production line is a new process developed by our company, whichdoes not need the reactor. It not only reduces the cost of equipments, but alsoimproves end product quality. It can achieve continuous processing. Itovercomes the shortcomings of reactor and poor transparencyof the product. This production line can save energy up to 50%. Using reactiveextrusion to produce hot melt adhesive stick is the most advanced technology inthe domestic market. The main screw is design specifically, so that it hasexcellent mixing performance. The end product has a smooth surface, hightransparency and uniform specifications.